100 Days of Doodle

My Journey and Lessons Learned Along the Way

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From September 22nd 2023 to March 24th 2024, I embarked on a journey to create 100 doodles for the “100 Days of Doodle” project. This personal creative endeavor was inspired by Tian Tian Xu’s “100 Days of Doodle” project, which in turn drew inspiration from “The 100 Day Project” by Elle Luna and The Great Discontent.

The aim was simple: to consistently engage in the creative process and celebrate the act of making.

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Why This Project?

As an aesthete, I’ve always been drawn to visually appealing imagery. Inspired by artists of all kinds, I desired to learn the craft of illustration to create beautiful art. With no formal training in graphic design, the 100-day project presented itself as an ideal opportunity to refine my illustration skills, both traditional and digital.

Getting Started

Step 1: Setting the Stage

Equipped with essentials like a drawing pad, pencils, iPad, and Procreate, I meticulously organized my workspace for easy access to my tools. I kept them next to my computer on my desk, and I scheduled doodling sessions either at the start of my day or before retiring to bed.

Step 2: Finding Inspiration

Delving into subjects close to my heart—fashion, cartoons, and pop culture—I immersed myself in extensive research to conceptualize my doodles, drawing inspiration from various sources.

Step 3: Documenting the Journey

For the first 60 days, I confined my doodles to my sketchbook due to a lack of confidence in sharing them with others. However, on the 61st day, I mustered the courage to start posting my artwork on my art Instagram page, LuzudMDesign. Each post brought a sense of accomplishment, fueling my pride in the work I had done.

Here are Three Key Lessons I Learned Along the Way:

Cultivating Habits: Overcoming Procrastination

Establishing a routine was crucial for this project. One of the reasons it took more than 100 days to complete was my struggle with procrastination. I found accountability through online sharing pivotal in overcoming this challenge. Watching Ali Abdaal’s video on beating procrastination inspired me to find joy in the task at hand, closing the gap between idea and execution.

Pushing Past Creative Limits

Initially, I replicated inspirations for the first 30 days, but afterward, I made it a point to infuse my personal style into the artwork. Delving into fashion illustration, I honed my skills in human anatomy and proportion sketching.

Transitioning to digital illustration on Procreate expanded my skill set, allowing me to explore color theory, shadows, and dimensionality.

Finding a Creative Outlet

The most significant lesson from this project was discovering the therapeutic and satisfying nature of creative expression. From childhood endeavors on MS Paint to present-day vector illustrations, I rediscovered and nurtured my creative identity.

My Final Thoughts

This journey reaffirmed that creativity is a nurtured skill, blossoming with practice. Since then, I’ve challenged myself to explore different tools to further exercise my creative muscle. Reflecting on this journey, I feel immensely proud. Despite taking longer than anticipated, I created 100 doodles over the past five months, witnessing tangible improvement in my illustration skills. I’ve cultivated a habit of creating and look forward to applying the lessons learned in my next 100-day project.

Below is my 100 days of vector illustration in 15 seconds.

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