About me

Growing up in the digital age, my world revolves around 2 main components: 💻 tech & 🎨 design


This followed me through my teen years, where I would spend days in front of the laptop blogging and customizing my Friendster profile. From Paint to Canva, my interest in the areas continued when I started my own Photography website.

What was initially part of a Uni assignment, turned into a part-time gig. It was not only exciting to have my very own “domain”, but also an outlet for me to express my creativity.

Van Gogh Alive 2

I think being a part of the millennial generation is a great advantage despite the negative stereotypes. We have access to a lot more information, advice and resources to create anything we want and make our dreams come true. So I decided to share my passion projects and try to make a difference in the world, one platform at a time.

Based in Perth, I spend a lot of time working out, watching 80s & 90s sitcoms, reading teen-fiction stories books and writing personal development blogs on Medium.com. Ultimately, my dream is to continue doing what I love and to connect with passionate people who share the same interests as me from all over the world.

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